Using Games to Motivate Millennials

Using Gamification to Motivate Millennials

How can companies incorporate gamification into their products to motivate millennials?

Use gamification to increase interest in mundane tasks. “A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down” – Mary Poppins. Similarly, a spoonful of fun helps the daily work tasks become more fun. 

Millennials are very tech savvy – incorporate game or culture crazes into the workplace. Use apps to track progress and project results. We have used Mario Kart to encourage our sales teams to complete goals.

I wanted to create an inclusive game that encouraged employees to participate — some even got into the spirit by taking on the roles of Mario and Luigi. To start, we gave each sales team member three balloons, similar to the actual game. For every sale made with over a $1,000 account deposit, the employee could pop a balloon belonging to the team member of his choice. At the end of the week, the employee with the most remaining balloons won.

“Gamification encourages healthy competition, creativity and collaboration.” -Jason Kulpa

Other ideas for games include virtual dodgeball. I split the company into two teams, made up of different members of our different departments. Each time a member of the team completed a department specific goal, he/she could “bench” a member of the opposite team. The winning team won a happy hour; we know how to motivate our employees.

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