Showcase Your Employees

How to Showcase Your Employees

Question: If a team member has done great work, how do you showcase that in a way that the whole team can rally behind without resentment or favoritism? Please discuss how you achieve this in your business.

JK: Every morning, our entire company gathers for a brief, all-teams meeting to discuss company happenings, events, and highlight team achievements. At this time, a department head recognizes a member of their team or sometimes a member of a team that they were collaborating on a project with for an outstanding performance that month. This moment at our company meeting is a lighthearted way to recognize employee achievement in front of the company, while also encouraging others to work hard to receive a showcase the next morning. 

Question: What’s one thing you can do to inject more positivity in your employee’s lives?

JK: One of the best ways to bring incremental happiness to anyone’s day is to find time to meditate. Simply pausing for a moment to focus on your breath can help your body to reset and calm down from the stress of the day. Not only will you feel more at peace, but your mind will be clearer which can help you be even more productive. I encourage my employees to take a five minute break in the morning to reset the mind and release any negative energy. 

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